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County Probate Records

To locate County Probate Court records, make note of the date of the estate disposition.  This is NOT the date of death, but the date the case was closed, which is often 1-2 years after death.
  • 2013 to the present - access online Missouri CaseNet for digitized records.
  • 1991 through 2013 - indexed at the local Court Clerk’s office, but this index is not online and the records are not digitized.
  • 1870 through 1991 - files indexed here by MCHS volunteer ... records not digitized.
For additional information or copies of the files, please contact the Montgomery County Circuit Clerk’s office, 211 E. Third Street, Montgomery City, MO, 63361, phone 573-564-3341 or email Fees apply.
Records are generally made public upon estate disposition, but some files have additional levels of security. Some records were burned in courthouse fires in 1864 and 1901. It is unclear as to exactly what burned, contact the Circuit Clerk’s office for more information.
The index for 1870-1992 is a compilation of the work of many. A common thread is Marj Miller, Curator of the Montgomery County Historical Society for over 30 years. Her dedication, organization skills and hard work are responsible for bringing together the many sources and details. Her efforts to preserve the County's history were extraordinary and we thank her for her dedication.