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Known as the "Hermit of Danville," Mr. Baughman was quite a character who moved to Montgomery County in 1852.
Uploaded: 26 November 2021
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
John Bernard & Elizabeth were first found in Warren County in 1850 and 1860.
Uploaded: 15 October 2021
Montgomery County's Own Civil War Guerrilla by MCHS volunteer
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
History of the family and the taverns in Tennessee and Montgomery County penned by MCHS volunteer Chris K in 2020, including great research and photos.
Uploaded: 8 June 2020
General (military)
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
This list, created by MCHS in 2018, includes then-present residents who are direct descendants of the pioneers who settled in Montgomery County prior to 1818. Documented updates and/or corrections are welcome.
Uploaded: 14 March 2020
Engineer & Postmaster
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
The Old Doctor who made multiple contributions to the early settlement.
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
Missouri Dept. Agriculture & Director of Legislative Service for the Missouri Farm Bureau
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
Born in Prices Branch, Grigg relocated to St. Louis where he found the Howdy Company and invented what is now 7up soda.
Uploaded: 26 November 2021
Trailblazer, settled in Best Bottom in 1810, bio by MCHS volunteer
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
Missouri politician with national influence in the Republican Party.
Uploaded: 2 July 2022
An extremely thorough history of these families plus information relevant for all the German families from Bocholt that settled near Rhineland, MO. See Dr. Montgomery's website for more information:
Uploaded: 8 June 2020
A young woman wanders through Loutre Township and finds a new family. Read how a genealogist followed the clues to discover her origins.
Uploaded: 15 October 2021
Professor and Prohibition Party Presidential candidate
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
Lawyer and Judge, specializing in international law.
Uploaded: 19 June 2020
Jack of all Trades by MCHS volunteer
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
Civil War Captain.
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
Author & Illustrator.
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
The first German to settle in the Rhineland area, he apparently encouraged the immigration of others from the Nordrhein-Westfalen area.
Uploaded: 6 February 2021
Missouri Supreme Court Judge.
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
A lawyer born in Tennessee ~1790 who came to St. Louis in 1814, purchasing a lot in 1816 at the corner of Fourth and Walnut. He moved to Montgomery County in 1827. He was one of the first State Supreme Court judges, on the bench until 1841. See also
Uploaded: 9 January 2022
Justice of the Peace in Lower Loutre
Uploaded: 12 June 2021
Copies of newspaper obituaries assembled by Floyd Van Booven in 1980 from a collection of clippings saved by Caroline Grotewiel and Gertrud Allgeyer. There is also an index which was too large a file to scan.
Uploaded: 11 September 2021
This is the story of Catherine (Holschlag) Peters (1881-1960) and Gerd Peters (-1945) as told by numerous family members about a family who decided to migrate from Rhineland to Oklahoma and then onto Kansas.
Uploaded: 9 September 2021
Born in 1866 in Montgomery County, See was an astronomer with great potential.
Uploaded: 6 November 2021
Civilizing the Wilderness, from New Jersey to Missouri.
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
True Pioneer, a family prominent in Missouri's new statehood
Uploaded: 3 September 2020
Proprietor in the Wilderness by MCHS volunteer
Uploaded: 27 January 2021
A Stevenson descendant shares letters and photographs from Momberger & Stevenson family files, 1904-1945 in a digital scrapbook format. Copy and paste this link into your browser:
Uploaded: 26 August 2019