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German Immigrant Let 1840-50s
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This article, written by a German circa 1950, gives a very personal answer to the "Why emigrate from Prussia?" It includes two letters home from Hermann, MO, that allow the reader to feel what it was like in 1850's for a German immigrant.
Uploaded: 27 February 2022
Gerhard Lensing writes a letter to his friend Theo van Dreveldt from university describing his life in Montgomery County. Included are suggestions regarding what to bring if emigrating and a budget.
Uploaded: 18 July 2020
These letters discuss the land, crops, mosquitoes, drought, cornbread, illness, and many other details of life in 1845.
Uploaded: 18 July 2020
Describing his adventures on a trip to St.Louis, Illinois, Wisconsin Great Lakes and Niagara Falls, Theodor van Dreveldt helps us visualize the 1840's. His enthusiasm about Montgomery County has waned due to poor crops, fevers, miserable weather, etc. His family did not send his money and he is in low spirits, contemplating a move to Wisconsin. Read the book by Kronenberg, Kenneth and von Gimborn, C. Hans, Lives and Letters of an Immigrant Family: The van Dreveldts' Experiences along the Missouri, 1844-1866, if you've enjoyed these letters.
Uploaded: 18 July 2020
Three letters to his brother, sister and a colleague describing New Orleans, the trip to St. Louis, original impressions of Montgomery County and building his cabin.
Uploaded: 18 July 2020