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Bluffton resident John McClatchey was brutally murdered by bushwackers in 1861. Here is a transcription of the trial of Henry Hill, James M. Davidson, and Charles S. Robinson. All three men were found guilty and sentenced to confinement in a military prison. You can read and feel the horrors and tensions of the residents, in the words of those testifying in 1862, about life in a county where Union and Confederate sympathizers were neighbors.
Uploaded: 31 July 2021
Persons who served in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps of the United States during the war of the rebellion (who are survivors) and widows of such persons, enumerated in June, 1890. George Keadle, Enumerator. These transcriptions include Montgomery Township, Loutre Township and Montgomery City and are copie from MOGenWeb.
Uploaded: 9 August 2019
Montgomery County, 1863 and 1864, abstracted by Tom Turpin, 14 pages of names and tax amount.
Uploaded: 28 May 2020
The first bushwacker murders were in July, 1861, and the Cobb brothers terrorized the County throughout the war. Read this article to learn about the murders of John McClatchey, Thomas Page, Andrew Rincheval and Henry Bresser. It includes an extensive list of references for the curious reader.
Uploaded: 31 July 2021
To honor veterans buried in Montgomery County, volunteers attempt to identify the "Nine (9) Unknown U. S. Soldiers" that are recognized by a stone in the Wellsville City Cemetery. This article introduces multiple facts and sources, concluding with a theory that these soldiers were killed at the Centralia Massacre and Battle on 27 September 1864 and their bodies were transported on the North Missouri Railroad for burial in Montgomery County. MCHS welcomes any information readers may share.
Uploaded: 4 December 2020
A copy of the original includes name, signature and clothing allotted to Kendrick's men, mostly Germans from south County. I cannot recall where I found this, perhaps someone can contribute such a document for other CW enlistees??
Uploaded: 28 May 2020
A 4 page summary of the different types of service, explaining the nuances of each and how they were relevant in Montgomery County: Missouri Home Guard, Missouri Militia, Missouri State Militia, Enrolled Missouri Militia, Provisional Enrolled Missouri Militia, and Provisional Enrolled Militia.
Uploaded: 28 May 2020
An interesting bit of history about the little known service of camels in the military.
Uploaded: 22 January 2022
This transcription of Montgomery Standard News article found on internet but not validated by MCHS.
Uploaded: 12 August 2019
Family history by James H. Riggs, with focus on life in Montgomery County during the Civil War.
Uploaded: 4 July 2021
Provost Marshal records contains documents detailing the way the provost marshal affected the lives of Missouri citizens who came into contact with the Union Army. This database is an index to the microfilm of the Union Provost Marshals’ File of Papers Relating to Individual Citizens. Copied here is the first page of Montgomery County records. Copy this link for the entire list.
Uploaded: 25 October 2019