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Kenneth Weant Newspaper Indexes

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Kenneth Weant Newspaper Indexes
Posted: 11/23/2019 - 11:45 am
Kenneth Weant's, Montgomery County native and Historical Society member, vocation and avocation in retirement is indexing early Missouri newspapers. His many works include 18 volumes of indexes of Montgomery County newspapers. These indexes generally contain a section of notable events, arranged chronologically as well as deaths arranged both chronologically and alphabetically. They are not complete for all newspaper published in the County since he must work from the newspapers on microfilm at the State Historical Society. The Historical Society has copies of all 18 volumes as well as many other articles pertaining to Montgomery County people from newspapers in other counties.
This work points to the value of indexing. It is one thing to have articles of importance recorded in the local papers; quite another to know where to look. Items are valuable only in so far as they are shared. The Society is a means for people to share interesting artifacts and writings. Mr. Weant’s willingness to share what he uncovers best typifies the Society's work. Thank you for sharing!